Foundation Cracks and Repairs Outside and In for Durham Home

Signs of foundation failure come in the form of subtle and not-so-subtle cracks. In this Durham home, we photographed both interior cracks that might not alarm anyone, and cracks in the brick exterior and in the cement block in the crawl space which should definitely catch your attention.

With this Durham home we installed foundation supports both in the crawl space and on the exterior of the house.

Subtle cracks inside the home.

Interior cracks around door frames

Interior cracks around ceiling corners

Bigger cracks in the crawl space

Cracks in cement blocks in the crawl space

More cracks in the brick foundation outside

Cracks in foundation bricks

Foundation Support in the Crawl Space

We installed helical piles inside the crawl space

Foundation Support on the Exterior

We installed helical piles on the exterior

We’re Brackett Foundation Repair in Durham, North Carolina. 2012 marks our 40th anniversary. We were the first foundation repair business in the Triangle and we do foundation repair throughout North Carolina and the United States. Call us at 888-968-5912. We fixed your neighbor’s home.

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John Boulware, Company Vice President, talks about the company's origins, reputation and how they've been permanently solving foundation failure issues for over 40 years.