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John Boulware

John Boulware, Vice President
Brackett Foundation Support Systems, Inc.

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Brackett Foundation Support Systems, Inc. and Brackett Foundation Repair, Inc. is founded on superior workmanship and innovation. We are dedicated to providing quality and stability in homes and buildings. We provide a level of experience, practicality and common sense that is unrivaled in the industry.

The company’s expertise began in 1972 when Eric L. Brackett of Durham started the Eric Brackett Construction Company. He renovated and built all aspects of custom homes, gaining a reputation of doing work that far surpassed the necessary standards for quality.

Through the following twenty years EBCCI gained so much experience with foundation repair they began to focus exclusively on that specialty.

In 1992, EBCCI began developing its own modern methods of foundation repair, developing adjustable lifting bracket systems which were very reliable and cost effective.

In 1995, Brackett Foundation Support Systems, Inc. was formed. It’s focus is on foundation repair installation, manufacturing and distribution of foundation support supplies and the training and support of their national network of installers.




John Boulware, Company Vice President, talks about the company's origins, reputation and how they've been permanently solving foundation failure issues for over 40 years.